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let me think

i just started making icons and for some reason i am so proud of this fact. i even submitted a bunch of icons to an icon community! i was looking up celebs i like on lj and found a mischa barton icon group and thought "hey i can do some" and so i did. here they are, plus some others for anyone to have. they are mainly of actress mischa barton, but there are others! if anyone wants an icon/base made than please just ask me! and please comment and credit if taking, and i will love you forever ;D

please do not hotlink, thanks again! <3
6.7. 8.9. 10.
11. 12.
aqua teen hunger force

jennifer garner

1. 2. 3.
nicole richie
1. 2. 3.
yoshi story!!! scanned from my brother's game

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oh i like the mischa barton ones!
oh thank you so much! you are so nice. take whichever ones you like.
and i'm about to post some more icons, and friends only banners too!
i have this like sick obsession with nicole richie...haha. that wasn't meant to sound like insane...she is just awesome. and the meat wad one is hilarious.
me too! i absolutely love nicole and i don't know why. she is so classy and interesting, and i am so interested in her. i am making more icons of her too :p
and of course, meatwad rules!
make me one! :)