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goodbye norma jean...

i really want to see "the jacket"! it looks really scary, sort of like "jacob's ladder". also i have a huge crush on adrien brody. damn, now i'm excited. check it out:
also i am finally going to watch the oscar tomorrow! i already know hilary, jamie, and cate one, but not best supporting actor. i don't know best pic but i think it is mdb. i also don't know best director but i think it might be clint eastwood. hurray if yes for both! :)
also i am finally back in touch with joleen. we have emailed and text messaged and she keeps telling me to visit her at her apartment, but i don't know my way around portland at all. i have a phobia of big cities. i am always scared of getting lost in them.
tori also called me, but my cell was off so she left a message. she said it was important, and i really am wondering what is wrong. she was sort of mumbling and my phone kept cutting out, so i wasn't able to hear the #. my dad ended up going over to her parent's house and getting her newest number from her brothers. how embarassing. i feel really bad for tori. i am also really worried about her. i wish she would go into rehab, for drugs but also for domestic abuse. i don't want to see her ruin her life. :(
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