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i know i never write anymore, but i am not even on the internet much (not that i have anything else to do during the day) and don't have anything to say anyway. things are really boring now. plus i have an account on greatestjournal which i write in more frequently. coming on here seems like a hassle. and who wants to read about my boring life? i am passing sociology 206, flunking science, and probably flunking poetry. this summer i want to come back to corvallis to get employment (which was why i moved to vernonia in the first place, lol) so i should have a life then. i never write so ya know if you want to take me off your friends list that's fine. but i'm not going to bother taking your name off, so you will look really popular and all that, lol.
oh, and i saw "wimbledone", with kirsten dunst and paul bettany and it's actually pretty good. it's very similar to the story of pete sampras' retirement. pretty good. i recently saw "ring 2", which was alright, and "jacob's ladder" which was AMAZING. if you haven't seen it i totally recommend it. it's in my top 20 of all time. i also saw "the changeling" with george c. scott, and it was also really good. it is probably one of the greatest ghost story movies ever. (my brother's on a horror movie kick, lol)
well talk to you later, bye!
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