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hey it's melissa...gosh it's been so longn since i have been on here.  if anyone reads this or cares i'll give a quick update of my life.  ok, my mom had back surgery in the summer of '05, my aunt (mom's sister) died in december '05 which was really hard on the family, i had a job since july '06 but got fired in the beginning of this month and am on unemployment, uhh...i'm not a virgin anymore, i lost it a couple of years ago and am still in love with the man that deflowered me but i don't think he loves me back.  we haven't seen each other since like september or october, but all i want is to be w/ him and have his baby and marry him. sigh.  also my mom broke up with her longtime bf alan like a year ago.  or rather i guess he just stopped calling her.  hm sounds familiar (same with my ex).  other than that...just i'm depressed over things and s-i.

i have a new account if you want to visit me or be friends there...i can't get that stupid link to work...ok my new account's name is just gnrldisarray!  lol

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