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from mon gj

i really just need somewhere to vent. this really has nothging to do with anything but i am soooo f-ing mad my teams lost!!!! ok, let me start at the beginning: my friend tori calls me over yesterday to hang out, and i came over. there was the oregon state beaver's playing that day (BIG GAME), and her parents, younger sister, and 1 of her younger brother's were going, leaving tori and me and her youngest brother at her house to watch the game on tv. the game didn't start until 3 so we went to go get a pizza for her brother, with tori driving her mom's car, without her permission, right? so we went and came back, but tori said we needed to go get these people from a nearby town. we go, get them, and come back. by now it is 3 and the game is on. tori hangs out with these people, which she doesn't even like, while i stay with her brother, who's around 12. then they say that they are going to fred meyer, and they will be right back. well they are gone for about 2 hours, during which both the trail blazers (our nba team) and the beaver's both lose. FUCK i was SOOO pissed; i was left alone to babysit her psychotic little brother and watch my fucking teams lose, while she is off hanging out with these other people?
and let me show you how we lost:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
caption: Oregon State's Alexis Serna (13) is helped up by Colt Charles (7) after missing a potential game-tying field goal while Stanford players celebrate in the background during the final seconds of the game Saturday, Nov. 12, 2005, in Corvallis, Ore. Stanford won 20-17. (AP Photo/Ryan Gardner)

while the kick was going toward the goalposts her brother and i were so excited and everything, and we thought it had gone through so we were screaming and shit, and the audience was cheering, but then noooo, he missed it. G-D was SOO pissed off. alexis serna collapses onto the field crying, and i picked up this basketball her brother had been throwing at me, and started throwing it at the screen cause i was so pissed, lol. then i went to the phone and called my dad and asked him to come get me. then i stomped out of the house, even though her brother was still there. i feel bad about leaving him there, but i was so angry i really didn't think that i should have stayed with him. anyway, i walked out, slammed the door, and started screaming obscenities (like 'fuck you serna!' 'g-d fucking damnit!' and 'alexis serna you are going to hell! kiss my fucking ass!') and his name over and over. i felt bad for the guy, but lawd i was so angry. i stood in the pouring rain for 10 minutes until my dad got there and took me home.
the wizard of oz was on tv (and that's my favorite movie, lol) and so my dad and i watched that and i wasn't so pissed off, but an hour or so later tori calls me and asks me what happens. i told her that i got so pissed when we lost that i called my dad and asked him to come get me. she says that she and her friends got "stuck" at fred meyers, calling it humiliating, which i took to mean that she got caught shop-lifting. i told her i couldn't come back over, but we should do something tommorrow (today). she calls back maybe an hour later saying that her friends needed a ride home and her mother refused to drive them, and she wouldn't let tori take them. so my dad ends up having to take them and tori to this white-trash town. we hang up, but she calls back a minute later saying that her mother won't let tori come, saying she thinks some thing "fishy" is going on. whatever, this women needs to calm down, right? anyways, i don't want my dad taking these people home on his own, as he might get lost, and he isn't a good driver in the dark (keep in mind it's about ten minutes till 11 pm by now) and the rain. we do get them there and we get back fine, but i was just so pissed off about the whole day, not to mention i ended up missing m*a*s*h* which started at 11 pm.
and oregon state university won't be going to a bowl game this year, as this game would have made us bowl eligible. and the university of oregon, my most hated school after usc, won. and the portland trail blazers lost to the detroit pistons. and yesterday was quite shitty. ok the end.
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